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This website is for members to gain access to exclusive content not available to the general public.  New content is released weekly to members and will include a variation of lessons, PowerPoints, videos, audio, newsletter, etc.  Depending on the plan you choose, we also offer paper grading services with rubrics.  These activities will correlate with your grade level's Writing Academy Curriculum Guide, however you do not need to purchase a curriculum guide in order to enjoy these activities for your students.  Plans start at just $9.99/mo individually, and less if your school/district purchases a site license.  We are excited to offer this opportunity to teachers and hope your students benefit as well!

Samples of what you will receive with your membership

Sample of ELAR TEKS Correlations (4th Grade)

Click the link above to view the ELAR TEKS Correlations for our 4th Grade Interactive Lessons by topic and date.  These also correlate to our curriculum guides as well and each member will receive their grade level specific ELAR TEKS Correlations.

Onsite Teacher Inservices & Student Camps

Have us to your campus to inservice teachers and students. Enjoy interactive trainings that get your entire campus vertically aligned and truly engaged in the writing process. Get ready to have a culture of thinkers who communicate in a written manner. 

Student Subscriptions -- ***COMING SOON***

$4.99 per child grants access to that student to have a weekly game/activity accessible to them.  The unique and beneficial aspect of this angle of reaching the students is to elicit additional parental involvement and to accomplish classroom goals by FRONTLOADING.  Frontloading is the belief that parents who want to help their children get ahead in the classroom will have access to a game or activity which addresses a concept BEFORE it has been addressed in the classroom.  This enables students to have prior knowledge when the teachers asks who knows anything about………?  Although previous weeks’ activities can also serve as review and reteaching tools, the main goal is to approach the home connection a little differently.  Provide parents with the opportunity to introduce ideas to their children first.  The concept of “help them get ahead, before you have to help them catch up” is quite appealing to parents.  It takes the stigma off the family that the only reason they have to do extra work at home is because their child is struggling.  This subscription will run annually from September – May.

About us

Teach Big! Is the home of The Writing Academy and Tap & Think Reading.  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary by launching the highly requested service of our subscriptions.  We are excited to provide teachers with weekly support in a user friendly, online fashion.  We also have products such as corresponding Grade Level (K-8) curriculum guides and ancillary books.  Our services truly come from a servant’s heart for teachers that work in the trenches of the classroom every day.  Although hugely rewarding, we recognize the need to support the teachers of our children.  Our inservices can be brought to your campus or you can visit our conference center and retreat campus in Kemah, TX.  We also conduct student camps & classroom lessons at your campus which does not require any substitutes.

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Sign up now to start enjoying all of our exclusive, members-only content!!  Content is different for each grade level, so members will need to register based on their current grade level to ensure that they receive the content that is most beneficial to them and their students.

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What is included in your membership

All grade levels will receive new content each week!!  Each week's content correlates with that week's lesson plans in our Writing Academy Curriculum Guide.  It is not required to purchase a curriculum guide in order to enjoy the content from your membership.  Here are examples of items you will receive each week.  Lessons will be included every week, but some weeks will also include a variation of the other items as well.

  • Weekly Lessons
  • PowerPoint Shows
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Parent Letters
  • Newsletter
  • Rubrics
  • Reviews
  • Recent blog posts
  • Recent forum topics
  • Paper Grading w/Rubrics **Higher Tier Only **
  • etc...

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

Blog posts

Forum updates

What we do

  • Onsite Teacher Inservices
  • Onsite Student Camps
  • Onsite Classroom Lessons
  • Paper Assessment
  • Develop Writing & Reading Curriculum

Why join us

  • Daily Curriculum Guides
  • Weekly Subscriptions for Follow Up
  • Student Subscription for Home Connection
  • Email Support
  • Paper Grading Services
  • Ready-made PowerPoint Shows
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